Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: P99 Handgun

P99 Handgun


First off, the P99 is amazing. At short range, it is a carnage machine, simply because of a relatively large magazine and a obscenely high rate of fire. It is less effective at longer ranges, but this goes for all the other pistols as well, excluding the Desert Eagle. It is very compact in size, with a sleek appearance thus, it doesn't take up much of the screen. It has good accuracy for a handgun, low damage (all though that is compensated by high firing rate), pretty good range, and amazing mobility (you have a move speed of 100% with this weapon).


  • The P99 has the highest rate of fire in the game, at 1200 rpm. 
  • It has a damage value of 49-17 depending on location of shot and range. Because of this, it's a 6-3 shot kill, which is extremely fast. With headshots it is a 2 shot kill. 
  • It is a medium range handgun. 
  • Its magazine size is 12 rounds with an 18 round magazine if you put extended mags on it as an attachment. This is very high for a pistol. 
  • The reload time is 1.23 seconds, which is also very fast.
  • The raise time is 0.53 seconds and the drop time is 0.56 seconds. 
  • It has average recoil.

I use this as my sidearm consistently with a primary as an L118a. This gun has never failed me I don't think it will fail me in the future. The downside of this weapon is the range. It is extremely effective in short to medium ranges but long range reduces it's damage. It is most effective in maps that have many tight gaps, corridors, and hallways such as Arkaden, Seatown, Hardhat, and Dome. It is somewhat ineffective in maps such as Resistance and Interchange.


Accuracy: 7/10
Range: 5/10
Damage: 2/10
Fire Rate: 10/10
Mobility: 10/10
Effectiveness: 8/10

Overall: 7/10

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  1. It's only a re-skin of other guns. (five-seven, usp 45, Etc.) So, might as well just not give a review.