Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pistols in MW3

The following is a list of the Pistols in Modern Warfare 3. For more accurate and detailed reviews, click on the weapon names. (Work in progress).


USP .45

The USP .45 is the first pistol that you have in your MW3 Pistol armory, and it is unlocked from the start.This is a great all around pistol, and is the default pistol for all "Regular" difficulty Spec Ops maps. 

The P99 is the fastest firing gun in the game. It can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. This gun is not unlocked from the start, it's unlocked at Level 11. Personally, this is my favorite sidearm.


The MP412 is one of the stronger pistols in the game. It kills quicker than it's predecessors, and has a decent ammo capacity for a pistol. I consider this weapon a mix between the .44 Magnum and the USP. 45. It is unlocked at Level 30.

.44 Magnum

The .44 Magnum is very similar to the MP412 in that they both are high power revolvers. The Magnum in MW3 is actually silver with a black handle, but I chose this picture to maintain the consistency of the post. This weapon is unlocked at Level 46.

Five Seven


The Five Seven is a very nice all-around handgun. With minimal recoil and a good rate of fire, this weapon kills very quickly. It is best known for it's fastest draw time, which beats any other handgun. It is unlocked at Level 58.

Desert Eagle


The Desert Eagle is the most powerful handgun/pistol in the game. It however, also has an obnoxiously high recoil level. As a result of this, It can only be effectively used with a slow rate of fire. This gun is best used in akimbo. It is unlocked at Level 76.

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